What’s there to see?

Gilboa Quarry houses a number of different underwater attractions that divers can explore and interact with. From our Grumman Gulf Stream Twin Turbo Prop Airplane to our Sikorsky Helicopter, and several boats and cars, you’ll never get bored exploring the many different sites we have to offer!


Camping, Diving, and more!

Whether you’re diving for the day or staying for the weekend, we have several accommodations to meet all of our customer’s needs. Bring a tent and camp, pull in your RV or camper, or take advantage of our bunk house! We even have discounted rates with local hotels.

Scuba Training

Training Platforms

Because of the versatility that Gilboa Quarry offers, instructors and students travel from all over the country to dive and train here. With several training platforms, wrecks and attractions, and even a deep side for technical training, you’ll never run out of challenges at our 14+ acre quarry.


Open Water Diving

Gilboa Quarry is a 14+ acre limestone quarry, located in Northwest Ohio. The quarry provides two distinct personalities: the shallow side at 5 – 65 ft provides great recreational enjoyment, while the deep side of the quarry with depths of 130+ ft is suitable for technical training.

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Air Fills and Rentals

We have a selection of rental gear available, including wetsuits, BCs, Regulators, and more! Breathing Gas is available on site. We keep a large bank ready to provide air quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to wait.Partial pressure nitrox blending is also available for tanks that are O2 clean.


Quarry Maps

Need to learn your way around the quarry to see what we have to offer? Don’t get lost looking at the fish! We have several maps that you can use to guide you on your underwater adventure so that you can make the most of your air. Explore our different maps to safely plan your dive route!

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Dive Buddy Forums

Don’t get stuck on land! We realize that sometimes you just have an itch to get in the water, but don’t always have a buddy. Using our forums is a great way to meet new people and find a diving buddy so that you don’t have to sit up top. Find a dive buddy and plan your dive!

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