Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register?

Come into our office and everyone (divers and non-divers) is required to fill out a release, ready for you on our picnic tables. If you have already been here this year, simply tell us your name. We keep all release forms on file one calendar year. Next we will check your release form and dive card, take payment, cash or check (US funds only) give you an admission bracelet to wear for the entire time you are here, along with a vehicle parking pass. Main parking is in the lot across from office. Only those with a camping pass may drive back to the docks. Others may use our carts to transport your scuba gear. This will ease the congestion in the camping area, if at any time an emergency vehicle would need to pass. Air fill tokens may be purchased at check in or anytime throughout the day. When you are in need of an air fill, bring your tank inside the door and place your token on the tank. Be sure your tanks are visual and hydro up-to-date, or we will be unable to fill them. Our office will be open for food and snacks throughout the day for your convenience.

Is Gilboa Quarry a dive shop?

NO! We choose not be a retail sales facility so that we are not in competition with the many shops and instructors that use our facility. We do have rental gear, offer Air, Nitrox, O2 and Argon fills, a clothing line, and small repair parts for equipment. Also available are snacks, drinks, and ice. In all other matters please support your Local Dive Shop!!

Are pets allowed at Gilboa Quarry?

We allow pets at the quarry for a pet fee of $10/per day. No pets in any of the buildings. Please register your pet in the office. We do ask that you follow a few rules. No chasing the quarry kittys and keep pets on a leash, at all times, no exceptions. Please consider whether or not your pet can adjust to the stimulation of a lot of people around. If you think your pet may become disturbed, causing a lot of barking and whimpering, you may want to consider other options. Barking dogs disrupt the other divers and campers. Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pet.

Is swimming allowed at the Quarry?

No swimming permitted due to cold water temperatures and aquatic life. Our non-swimming policy also helps keep the visibility exceptional for divers. Full scuba gear is required for all divers and snorkelers for protection from cold temperatures and zealous fish.

What about non divers?

Since Gilboa Quarry is privately owned and has no state or federal funding, our lawyers require everyone entering the quarry to fill out paperwork. With liability costs we do require fees from all non-divers/$6 per day.

Are there things that non-divers can do at the Quarry?

Yes! We offer snorkeling with plenty of photo opportunities (see if you can find the elusive Paddle Fish and catch them on your camera). We have a climbing wall run by “Vertical Reality” and they offer climbing; on the wall, in a tunnel, inside the building, rappelling, and a zip line to the water (for more information including hours, check their website )

Are Liability Releases online?

No. If the release is printed out on two separate sheets then it is not a valid form.  If anyone comes to the quarry and has to re-fill out the form it becomes a hassle for you.

Is Nitrox available at Gilboa?

We are a full service facility and have partial pressure blending to mix whatever Nitrox mix you need.  We also fill O2 bottles as well as Argon. These services are available during office hours, but if you need something before or after hours let us know as we are more than happy to help.  Any mix, any time, just ask!

I’m an instructor do I get a discount?

All instructors get free entrance and parking to the quarry while they have students with them.  They also get free AIR fills while teaching courses.  Every instructor is also eligible for free hotel room vouchers.. the more you come here the better it gets!  Call the quarry for details.

Do you have any training platforms?

We have over 10,000 square feet of topside and underwater training platforms. The Platforms have more than enough space to meet the demands of even the largest classes.

What is there to see underwater?

If you want to look inside one of the boats we have sunk, I bet you’ll even find the kitchen sink while you’re here. We have items from the original quarry like the sump and Tower wreckage, old attractions like a school bus, VW bus, Dr Pepper machine, motorcycle and semi trailer. The newer attractions are many boats, the Grumman Gulf Stream Airplane and Sikorsky helicopter, more boats, tubes, and tractor tires to swim through.

When do you offer Night Diving?

Any evening you would like to night dive you are more than welcome. All we ask is that you let us know your plans so we are aware of who is in the water after dark.

Do you allow fishing?

NO NO NO!!! We love our fish! Aside from the elusive, unique looking paddle-fish we have 15 different kinds of fish including a few large Koi, some large catfish, and rainbow trout that are so used to divers that they almost come up and beg for food, we also have a few turtles around the quarry.

Do you have Wifi Internet?

YES!! New in ‘16 we offer a WiFi connection. It can be used anywhere inside the office at the table and chairs, it works well up on the upstairs deck and will even reach a bit into the parking lot.

Is there camping available?

YES! We literally ‘bought the farm’ next door to the quarry and now have more space for camping -electric hookup is definitely still available.  Our bath house is available to guests at the quarry with hot showers and flush toilets that are handicap accessible.

Is there camping available?

YES! We literally ‘bought the farm’ next door to the quarry and now have more space for camping -electric hookup is definitely still available.  Our bath house is available to guests at the quarry with hot showers and flush toilets that are handicap accessible.

I don’t want to camp but what other choice to I have?

If you want to stay at Gilboa Quarry we have a cottage. We also have 2 bunkhouses with 5 and 6 bunks each.  If you would like a hotel, the best selection is in Findlay where most of the major chains are represented.