Quarry Policies


To maintain Gilboa Quarry as a safe and enjoyable place for everyone, we have adopted some polices for use of the facility as well as the water so that everyone may enjoy their time on the property. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or speak to us at the office when checking in.

  1. We accept cash or checks (US funds only). We do not accept debit or credit cards at this time. ATM’s can be found in nearby Ottawa and Findlay.
  2. NO fishing permitted under any circumstances from Gilboa Quarry property. Gilboa Quarry is a snorkeling/diving/free diving/training facility only! Fishing line is an entrapment hazard, and the fish are for diver’s underwater enjoyment.
  3. Graffiti is not permitted on any of the underwater sights. Violators have and will be prosecuted.
  4. Please observe the 5 mph speed limits (enforced) in the parking lots, driveways, and camping area. We are concerned for the safety of our smaller visitors who might not be tall enough to look for cars. Also, dust storms from vehicles settle on the divers wetsuits and grilled foods. Please be cautious and considerate at all times while driving on the property.
  5. Use lift bags for responsible practice only. Do not move the underwater artifacts.
  6. Bring your certification cards.
  7. Observe good buoyancy practices to avoid stirring up silt. Keep fins, stage bottles, lights, cameras, and yourself off the bottom so that others may enjoy the visibility.  Several parts of the quarry are also fish nesting areas. Please help do your part to avoid disturbing the eggs.
  8. You are welcome to feed the fish with trout chow ($1/bag), available at the office. We ask that you not feed other substances. The fish can be aggressive, so release the food and back up to give them room to feed. Do not try to handle the fish. Contact with humans removes their protective layers, spreading fungus and infections/tumors.
  9. When feeding the fish, please use only the fish food located in our office. Please don’t use other animal or human foodsAnyone in violation of this rule will be dismissed without refund! Thank you!
  10. Instructors will be asked to show proof of insurance as well as certification cards. Please bring a copy of your information for our files.
  11. When visiting for the first time each year, we ask you to fill out the long form. On subsequent visits, you may simply sign and date this form.
  12. If you are diving the deep side, a dive plan is required as well.
  13. Instructors will fill out a form for any classes they are teaching. The forms are available in the office.
  14. Solo diving is allowed WITH a solo diving certification card.
  15. All firewood, kindling, firestarters or firelogs must be purchased from Gilboa Quarry.It is illegal to transport firewood across county lines!
  16. Please keep bath house clean and tidy for your fellow diver. We do our best to keep these areas clean, but we need every diver to do their part.

Other Information

  • Bubble-watchers are invited to relax under a shade tree with a favorite book, throw Frisbee, sit in the office area to do paperwork, or just sit around and socialize.
  • Do you enjoy camping?  There are over 26 shaded, primitive camp sites all with easy access to diving entry points.  To make your camping experience a little less primitive, we offer the convenience of clean restrooms and hot showers.
  • Visit Vertical Reality, our on-site climbing headquarters, for a ride on the zipline or a rock-climbing experience. Must contact Vertical Reality ahead of time.
  • Remember to stop in the Gilboa Quarry office and purchase a T-shirt or memorabilia before you head home!
  • The quarry is equipped with men’s and women’s heated & air conditioned changing rooms, restrooms and showers, all handicapped accessible.
  • There are gear benches near all entries for your convenience.
  • If you have ideas for new sights or locations, speak to Mike in the office about them.